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Learn more about the Medicaid program

Designed to help lower income patients with their medical needs, the government's Medicaid program is available here in Florida and may be able to assist you and your loved ones with medical costs, including those associated with assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and end-of-life care.

Many seniors aren't aware that they could qualify for Medicaid, which is a dual federal and state program that aids older and/or disabled people in obtaining government assistance for a variety of needs.


Work with our knowledgeable attorneys, and let us help you properly allocate your funds in order to receive the maximum benefit. Your Medicaid benefit could help put the nursing home care that you deserve within financial reach! We'll take care of every step of your application.

Let us put Medicaid to work for you

Gain a powerful advocate by turning to the respectful team that puts your needs first. Our experienced, qualified attorneys are the best in the business with Medicaid law. We work daily as a liaison between clients and the Florida Department of Children and Families in order to assist you in obtaining Medicaid benefits for yourself or a loved one.


if you are privately or self-financing residency in an assisted living facility or nursing home for either yourself or a loved one, find out if Medicaid can reduce or eliminate this financial burden. Sit down with us today and let us fight for you.

Work with the most qualified team

The assistance you need to live the life of dignity that you deserve could come from the government's Medicaid program.

Give us a call today and

see if you are eligible

for Medicaid!

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